Breaking Down Cannabis Isolates

Breaking Down cannabis Isolates

Breaking Down Cannabis Isolates

When it comes to cannabis products that are not Delta 9 THC flower, the cannabinoids need to be extracted and purified. This is how products like Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC exist. While Delta 9 THC exists in the cannabis plant in such great abundance that its effects can be felt simply by consuming the combusted leaves of the naturally occurring plant, Delta 8 and Delta 10 can’t. The cannabinoids require chemical extraction from organic plant matter, leaving them in an isolated state. It’s quite a journey from sticky green buds to the dry white powdery final state of cannabis isolate. Once sequestered from the other compounds that make up a cannabis plant, THC isolate rests somewhere between 50%-and 80% potency. To put into perspective the difference, the strongest strain of flower sits somewhere around 25%. 


This is why I have beef with the marketing of Delta 8 and Delta 10 being a more relaxed version of Delta 9. Like, maybe that’s true in the naturally occurring state that we find it, but by the time it’s processed and put into product, it’s way more intense than any Delta 9 THC flower could ever be. When considering whether Delta 8/Delta 10 isolate is less potent than Delta 9 isolate, I can’t say. Possibly. I’m not a scientist. Just a girl who writes a blog for a cannabis wholesale company. I’m just saying this distinction isn’t made clear most of the time in advertising. So just be aware.  


The process of making THC isolate 

Breaking Down Cannabis Isolates


First, extract the THC cannabinoids from the organic matter of the leaves. Please note, there are numerous ways to do this, but the objective best is CO2 extraction. With this method, no additional chemicals or solvents find their way into the isolate.  

A closed-loop mechanism is a fundamental tool for CO2 extraction. First, CO2 is cooled -68.8F. Then the pressure inside the chamber of the machine is increased to 75psi. 

Supercritical is ‘ahem’ a critical term to know. Fundamentally, Co2 sits between a liquid and gaseous state in this stage. Next, the supercritical CO2 is pressed into a closed chamber. Following this, the CO2 behaves like a solvent, extracting terpenes and cannabinoids. Finally, what’s left is THC isolate.  

So, what is the point? 

Infuse THC into anything using isolate. This includes edibles and pharmaceuticals. It spans from topicals to tinctures. Even nasal spray and soft gels. Wow! 

Generally, isolate is fundamental in dosing specific measurements.

Also, please try to seek isolates from GMP (good manufacturing certified) facilities. GMP certification is required in most European countries but not in the US. But, that’s not to say there aren’t great US-based companies that have their certification.  

Final thoughts:

Want to try out Delta 8 or delta 10 distillates for yourself? Follow the links here to some great products. If you do try them, let us know what you think in the comments. Specifically, let me know if your experience matches how it was sold to you, or if it was something different.

We look forward to hearing from you. Bye

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