Dabbing Delta 8 Concentrate

Dabbing Delta 8 Concentrate

Dabbing Delta 8 Concentrate: If you tried Delta 8 THC vapes and Gummies, you might also enjoy dabbing THC shatter 

Have questions about dabbing Delta 8? We’ve compiled a shortlist of everything you need to know: 

What is a Dab Rig? 

First off, a dab rig vaporizes Delta 8 concentrate using high-temperature heat. Rigs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Big or small, there is a rig for everyone suited to satisfy the consumers’ needs.  

If you already have a water pipe, you can simply get an extra attachment to convert it into a dab rig, but if you’d like to start fresh with a new product, we recommend picking up a smaller dab rig when starting out. That way you will have more control administering a smaller dose to get you acclimated to this particular product and process 

Smoking Delta 8 concentrate is more involved than smoking flower or eating edibles. . It is generally not considered a portable activity, however mini dab rigs that can fit in your pocket are available on the market.  

What is The Nail? 

The nail is the part of the dab rig where the vaporization of the Delta 8 concentrate occurs. Nails are small bowl-shaped attachments. The high temperatures required to vaporize the concentrate lead most nails to be made of extremely hard substances like titanium or quarts, but metal nails are also available.  

Using a blowtorch or something that can produce high heat instantaneously, heat up the nail until it glows red. The next step is to wad the concentrate and place it on the surface of the nail to be vaporized.  

It is a guarantee that any nearest smoke shop will sell nails. A common pitfall when buying a nail is not to ensure that the nail fits onto your rig of choiceNails come in many sizes and shapes, so keep this aspect in mind.  

What is a Dab Tool? 

Use the dab tool to transport the concentrate onto the heated nail. About the length of a toothbrush, these pincers are made of thin, heat-resistant pieces of metal to ensure the safety of your fingers and the travel of your concentrate.  

What is a Torch?  

The purpose of the torch is to heat the nail to the required temperature to melt the concentrate. Handheld butane torches are the most commonly selected tool for this job, but the most important thing to keep in mind is for the steady and hotter than your average lighter. There are plenty of options such as cooking torches on the market to choose from.  

Often the most expensive investment when putting together a dab rig system, you can usually find one at a smoke shop or grocery store for about $40.  

What is Delta 8 Concentrate?  

The most often referenced benefit of dabbing delta 8 is the functional high. The dose of Delta 8 administered to the user through dabbing is concentrated. Consequently, the feeling of euphoria is more intense than smoking delta 8 flower. However, the most commonly referenced benefits of Delta 8 is that the harmful side effects of THC such as anxiety and paranoia are neutralized. Knowing this, it is practically mathematical that dabbing is the perfect way to consume Delta 8.  

How do I clean my Dab Rig? 

Keeping your dab rig clean will ensure that it operates correctly. It will encourage your dab rig to work better for longer as well as preserving the tastiness of your Delta 8 concentrate.  

You can use cotton swabs or Q-tips to wipe away any oily residue after each hit of your dab nail. Noone wants a dab with crusty old concentrate on it. This gunk looks and tastes bad.   

Weekly cleaning of your dab rig should also be adopted into your maintenance routine. The buildup of burnt concentrate can begin to clog the airflow of the rig. So, try to use isopropyl alcohol and some salt to clean your rig. Pour a solution of the two into the rig and shake it up as hard as you can without losing control of the contraption.  You’ll know the dab rig is good and clean when the residue and build-up are no longer visible in the glass. Rinse out the alcohol and salt with water and marvel at your glinting rig. 

So now you know: 

Dabbing Delta 8 Concentrate:

The upfront cost of assembling a dab rig system might seem like a lot, but all the equipment above can be purchased for as little as $100. This is a small price to pay for the most mathematically perfect vaping method. 


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