Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 Moon Rocks:

First question: What are Moon Rocks? 

Delta 8 Moon Rocks are also commonly referred to as-sprayed flower. Both of these names can be used interchangeably, but refer to the same product. Essentially, Delta 8 flower is layered with distillate and then rolled in kief. This process gives the flower a frosted look and increases the intensity! 


All the components needed to make moon rocks 

  1. Flower 
  1. Distillate 
  1. Kief 
  1. Terpenes: Terpenes are completely optional but highly recommended.  
  1. A Spray Gun 
  1. Rotating Mixer 

How to Make Moon Rocks 

Step one of making moon rocks a sprayable delta 8 concentrates. Once this is ready, place Delta 8 flower in an enclosed container. Make sure the container is sealed around the nozzle of the spray bottle you choose to administer the concentrate. Next step, spray the concentrate into the container until it is foggy. Pull out the spray nozzle and seal the lid of the container the rest of the way. Jumble the flower to ensure its even coating of the concentrate. Finally, open the lid of the container and sprinkle delta 8 kief over the concentrate-covered flower. Reseal the lid and give the concoction another good shake.  


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Want to try making your own moon rocks? Get your ingredients here! 

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