Hello World! Introducing delta-8

Introducing delta-8

Hello World! Introducing delta-8

Delta 8-THC continues to grow in demand. It supplies the same medicinal benefits as the standard THC, Delta 9-THC. However, because Delta 8-THC has a more limited effect on CB1 receptors, the high is milder and the negative side effects are less biting. There has been a renaissance in our understanding of the cannabis plant in recent years. Say “Hello World!” We are introducing delta-8

Less mainstream cannabinoids, of which there are many, are showing themselves to have individual value. Delta-8 is the first rising star. It is the first cannabinoid scientists have been studying that displays all the good aspects of Delta-9 THC with less indication of the anxiety and paranoia that comes from consuming too much Delta-9.

delta-8 V. delta-9

Many slightly different compounds comprise the cannabis plant. These consist of Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and various terpenes. Delta-8 THC in particular has a standard structure that is less likely to occur in variants like Delta-9. However, Delta-8 does not bind with CB1 receptors as much as Delta-9 does. This makes Delta-8 have a less intense effect. Another factor of Delta-8 that makes it appear as an attractive alternative to Delta-9 is that it exists in smaller quantities in the cannabis plant. Therefore, technicians extract or synthesize delta-8 for mass production.

So far, there is not an abundance of scientific research on Delta-8 THC. There has been one study in which the drug was administered to children living with cancer and produced results that indicated the children had increased appetite, and less pain and inflammation.
This new cannabinoid makes a market full of new exciting products that are essentially Delta-9 light. Light edibles, light gummies, light vape pens, and extracts, all featuring Delta-8.

delta-8 and legality

Delta-8 affects CB1 receptors less intensely, but the same precautions a consumer would use when using Delta-9 THC should still be adhered to. Abstain from driving automobiles, online shopping, fire-throwing, etc. Also, start small in your doses until you have a more intimate relationship with the drug.

There are some misconceptions about the legality of Delta-8. There was an initial loophole in the DEA’s 2018 Farm Bill stating that hemp products were not illegal if there was less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. So, while Delta-8 has similar effects to Delta-9, it could legally be produced and marketed. Alas, this was short-lived. The DEA catches wise very quickly. Now they define “tetrahydrocannabinol” as any synthetically produced THCs. “For synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinol, the concentration of Δ 9-THC is not a determining factor in whether the material is a controlled substance. All synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinol remain a schedule I controlled substances.”


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