Storing Delta 8 Tinctures

Storing Delta 8 Tinctures

Storing Delta 8 Tinctures: Once you’ve secured your Delta 8 products, you want to make sure they last as long as possible. You want your Delta 8 to be just as strong the last time you use it was the first time. This post will show you how to best store your delta 8 tincture!

Delta 8 Tincture

Delta 8 Tincture is a wonderful option for consuming Delta 8 orally. Tinctures come in bottles with droppers that are marked in ml. Having these ml marked on the droppers gives the user finite control over how much Delta 8 they want to consume.

The tincture is deposited underneath the tongue and held for about a minute before swallowing. Generally the tincture kicks in within an hour. However, some people feel the effects as much as three hours later. As with all edibles, the euphoric effects last for several hours once set.

With tinctures, again, like all edibles, its best to start with a light dose and introduce more as you dial in your preferences and how your body processes the tincture.

How to Store Delta 8 Tincture

Tinctures should be kept out of direct sunlight and in the airtight containers they come in. Some manufacturers of Delta 8 tinctures like 8Delta8 package their product in dark glass bottles, making the liquid less susceptible to light exposure. This company offers some of the best Delta 8 THC products available on the market right now. If purchasing a Delta 8 tincture in a light or clear glass bottle, it is recommended that they be stored in a dark, airtight bag.

The other thing to be aware of when storing tinctures is exposure to air. This can degrade the quality of Delta 8 THC over time. Air makes the tinctures less potent than when they were first opened. This can be problematic because the bottle cap itself, once opened, is loose. It can allow for air to seep in even when stored away from light.


To counteract this, it is best to store tinctures in plastic baggies and press all the air out of it. One way to make sure that all the air is out is to place the tincture inside the baggie. Then place that baggie into a bowl of water. This will remove all of the air from the baggie. Then it’s a matter of sealing it, drying off the bag, and storing it away from light. Another way to remove tinctures from air exposure is to use several baggies, one inside the other. Then press all of the air out manually. This creates more of a seal around the tincture through several layers. By removing air around a tincture bottle as well as keeping it away from light, the product will remain as fresh as possible. It allows for the same effective results as it had when it was first opened.

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