Wax, Shatter, and Oil

wax, shatter, and oil

Wax, Shatter, and Oil are all hydrocarbon cannabis extracts, or butane hash oil (BHO). Extracts are any oil that results from the concentration of chemical compounds like CBD and THC from the cannabis plant. To achieve these concentrates, a variety of extraction processes can be used. In the end, the remaining product is an intensely strong cannabinoid oil of consistencies that range from gooey to crystalline. Dabbing and vaporizing are the best methods of use. 


Wax (click here for pictures)

Wax looks like ear wax. It’s not necessarily how it got the name, but it certainly works. Create wax through a butane hash oil extraction process and you will end up with a brown lumpy hash oil concentrate. Wax, along with the other concentrates, offers a high percentage of THC to the user. Sometimes reaching up to 90%. 

To make wax, first, remove solvents from the product. Next, Purge! The intensity of heat and moisture exposure has a huge impact on the texture of the final product. Finally, wax can be consumed in many ways. Most popular are vaping, smoking through a bong, and dabbing. 

Shatter (click here for pictures)

You want your shatter to be clear. If the product you’re looking at is cloudy or opaque it was not manufactured properly. The process of making shatter is essentially identical to that of wax, however, greater attention must be paid to the blasters. Hitting the concentrate with too high a heat will have these unwanted results.  

Shatter’s notoriety stems from being the purest and cleanest. Like looking through amber glass. The consistency can vary depending on how it was made with results ranging from a loose sap to a hard resin.  

Oil (click here for pictures)

Oil differs the most in the production process from the other two previous extracts. To make oil, the process goes as follows: 

First, extract resin from the cannabis plant and dissolve it into a carrier oil to create a liquid. CO2 extraction is the ideal method as it leaves fewer trace chemicals in the oil than other methods. Finally, you can consume your cannabis oil. Use cannabis oil in a plethora of different ways! Some examples include baking or cooking, rubbing all over your skin, making tinctures, and soaking your rolling papers in it. 

Final Words

Lastly, please keep in mind that there are no bad options here. Indeed, there are only nuanced differences between the three. What extract works for you? Try them all.

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