Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-Liquid

Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-Liquid nicotine

Every 10 ML, child-proofed bottle of Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-Liquid contains premium, high PG vape juice. The formula is a 70%/30% ratio of PG and VG. It has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-Liquid is even available in five nicotine concentrations spanning from 0% nicotine to 24% nicotine.

Moreover, the high quality of the E-liquid is not up for debate. On the other hand, the question of whether or not Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-liquid is good is.

Most new vapors are old smokers. With this in mind, tobacco is a singularly difficult flavor to replicate. Five different styles of tobacco exist in the cigarette market. These are Cameroon, Carolina, Havana, Scandinavian, and Turkish style.

As you can see, the main differentiation between these five types of tobacco is regional. Each one takes a specific flavor from its regional soil, altitude, and the processing of the leaf. As a result of these variations, lifetime smokers of different brands of cigarettes that use different kinds of tobacco have different tastes and preferences with the tobacco flavors they find in E-Liquid. So, what type of tobacco flavor does Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-liquid have? To find out, first, we need to know more about the different types of tobacco.

The different kinds of tobacco

First, Cameroon tobacco. This is the perfect flavor for those who appreciate medium-bodied tobacco with notes of warm vanilla. This tobacco flavor is rich without being too robust or harsh and a touch of sweetness. As you inhale Cameroon tobacco, smooth tobacco flavor crawls to the back of your throat. Accordingly, it is quite rich. But as the flavor rests on your tongue, it takes on a slightly sweeter profile. A balancing act of depth and sweetness.

Second, we have Carolina tobacco. Carolina tobacco the richest and fullest tobacco flavor that this celebrated region has to offer. In other words, it is intense yet smooth. This type of tobacco smacks your tastebuds with a medium full-bodied experience. Most notably, Carolina tobacco offers a particularly smooth throat hit.

Third, Havana tobacco. No flavor is as smooth, robust, and sweet as that of Havana tobacco. To be sure, that feeling of instant satisfaction that you enjoy when puffing on authentic imported Havana tobacco is like no other. Thus, your palate will be enchanted by an intensely rich and bold tobacco flavor. When you exhale, the flavor’s sweet notes blossom, balancing out the richness perfectly. 

Fourth, Scandinavia tobacco. Unmistakable in its uniqueness, Scandinavia tobacco is sun-dried. As you inhale Scandinavian Cured tobacco, you’ll swear that you can taste the sunshine that dried the tobacco leaves as that satisfyingly rich taste takes over the palate. The flavor’s robustness intensifies before a touch of sweet honey entices the tongue on the exhale. 

Finally, the fifth tobacco style is Turkish tobacco. Fans of Turkish tobacco appreciate the earthy, nutty, and woodsy flavor that this unique crop provides. Particularly, Turkish tobacco showcases an oakiness that really hooks people. It is nuttier and woodsier than its counterparts.

Where does Tsunami Tobacco flavored E-Liquid fall?

On the whole, in my year of attempting to please vapers looking for tobacco flavors, it has been difficult. Specifically, people who smoked their entire lives and are trying to make the jump to the healthier option of tobacco flavored e-liquid struggle above all others to find something they like. That reminds them of what they think of as a good tobacco flavor.

There’s only one thing for it. E-Liquid manufacturers must be more knowledgeable and transparent about the different types of tobacco, and what they are trying to replicate in their E-Liquid.

Tsunami Tobacco flavored e-liquid falls within the realm of Carolina tobacco. It is medium-full bodied with a notable sweetness. However, Tsunami Tobacco flavored e-liquid has more of definitive caramel sweetness as opposed to that of vanilla. In the final analysis, Tsunami went with a 70% propylene glycol formula to provide a nice hit to the throat that’s reminiscent of authentic tobacco. And the 30% vegetable glycerine ensures light to medium cloud density.

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