CBD, THC, and Industrial Hemp

CBD, THC, and Industrial Hemp


is lawful in the United States, yet many don’t understand the differences between CBD, THC, and Industrial Hemp.

An Umberella Effect

This is going to be a slightly weird analogy, but imagine an umbrella that shelters a rainbow. The cannabis plant is the umbrella. The rainbow represents the spectrum of all the different cannabinoids and their chemical properties. There are just over 120 of them that exist in different concentrations throughout cannabis plants overall. The “bad” cannabinoid, THC, causes hallucinatory effects. But, not all cannabis contains high contents of THC. We grow industrial hemp to contain little to none. In the article to follow, ill break down the differences in specific cannabis plants, and why they’ve been cultivated to capitalize on these specific differences.



CBD as a connabinoid contains some of the same qualities as THC. You can smoke it and infuse it into fats and oils. However, CBD does not have the same psychotropic qualities as does its brother THC. While THC cannabinoids can be present in CBD, a defining feature of CBD is that it has less than .03% THC and therefore is not hallucinogenic.  

Industrial Hemp

Hemp is a strong, flexible, and durable fiber that has proven a valuable tool in industrial and manufacturing settings. 
While cannabis plants grown to harvest CBD and THC are prepared and tended to bolster large fragrant flowers, industrial hemp is grown close together to ensure a greater likelihood of tall sturdy stalks. 


To reiterate, CBD, THC, and Industrial Hemp are all varietals of the same plant, cannabisAny of such plants contain some amounts of any or all cannabinoids. Marijuana flower labeled THC has larger amounts of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for hallucinogenic and psychotropic effects. 

While CBD has trace amounts of THC, any CBD sold legally on the market will contain no more than .3% THC. This amount is too small to have a cerebral effect, however will still contain all the other medically beneficial cannabinoids present in THC.  

Both CBD and THC are available in different strains. These are varieties of either CBD or THC that have specific benefits that can be selected based on your needs. For instance, if you need help getting to sleep there are sleepy strains called India. And if you need a pick me up there are more stimulating strains called Sativa. But I don’t want to overload you with information. Keep your eyes open for a more in-depth review of the properties of Indica and Sativa in our blog gallery.