Smoke-Free Cannabis Life

Smoke-Free Cannabis Life

No Smoking 

Enjoy a smoke-free cannabis life with 4 other ways to enjoy cannabis. Cannabis is a medicinal plant that offers countless benefits to both people and pets. Its properties are known to relieve pain and ease tension. People with chronic illnesses have used it for centuries to induce both appetite and sound, comfortable sleep.  

However, for some health-conscious users, there may be an obvious rock and hard place that they find themselves between.  

How do I justify smoking cannabis flower for my health when smoking is inherently bad for me? 

Fear not, friend. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without harming your lungs. In the following article, we’ll do an overview of the four most popular ways to consume cannabis besides smoking it 



So, this one is kind of cheating. The process of vaping cannabis flower involves purchasing a dry herb atomizer. This device heats up the cannabis flower enough to carboxylate it, (that is activate the active ingredients)but not enough to burn it to smoke.  

When vaping, you are still inhaling plant matter. Realistically, inhaling anything into your lungs that isn’t oxygen is not beneficial to your health. However, by vaping cannabis flower instead of smoking it, there is 100% less tar being deposited into your air sacks. It is a healthier alternative to smoking, if not in itself “healthy.” 

Another benefit of vaping cannabis is that after the cannabis flower has been put into your device and vaped, it is carboxylatedIn this carboxylated form, the active ingredients are charged up and ready to go. Carboxylating cannabis is the first step in making edibles, tinctures, and other infusions. Essentially, you get twice as much use out of the same amount of flower you would otherwise smoke.  



Baking or making edibles is probably the most fun and delicious way to consume cannabis. When eating edible cannabis products, the effects set in after a longer period of time than they would if smoking. However, the effects last hours longer and are generally more intense than they would be if smoking.  

If you don’t have or want a dry herb vape, the first step in making edibles is to bake the cannabis flower in an oven over low heat for a while. Then introduce the baked cannabis to oil or fat, and let that boil together for a while. What you will end up with is oil infused with all the chemical and medicinal properties of the cannabis plant. You can add this oil into food or process it further into tinctures. 


  1. TEA


Tea drinkers know the soothing benefits of simply drinking hot water, much more the plethora of other qualities your average botanical tea blend has to offer. Chamomile, jasmine, echinacea, hibiscus, all of these flowers add flavor and color to tea. But did you know cannabis can be used in the same way?  

Again, you will want your cannabis to be carboxylated first, so either bake or vape some cannabis flower. Then simply use it in addition to any tea you love! 




Many people aren’t so sensitive to the flavor of cannabis appearing in their food. For instance, if you intend on eating a brownie with cannabis in it, it probably wouldn’t be a huge turn-off for you if there was a detectable flavor of cannabis in the brownie. However, if it does bother you, there is a solution.  

It may be possible to make your own cannabis capsules, but full disclosure I would not know how to help you with that. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but regardless it would certainly be easier to simply buy them off the market. 

Anywho, cannabis capsules are flavorless and full of activated cannibinoids. You can take them the same way yoou would a daily vitamin.

Enjoy your smoke-free cannabis life. 

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