Kratom: Is it Legal?

Kratom: Is it Legal?

Kratom: Is it Legal?

Recreational drugs becomes more and more legal across the country with every election. People feel safe experimenting with a wider array of substances like kratom! In fact, it is legal to buy kratom in most of the U.S. However, it is important to remember that legalization is a process. Legislation being seen through the respective houses of your state or even legislation passed doesn’t necessarily mean you are free yet. Some laws take time to go into effect. 

So, do you live in a state where kratom is legal? Do you live in a state where kratom is banned? What if you live in a state where kratom is banned but legislation is pending to legalize the sale and possession of kratom?  

Find out where you stand with our comprehensive list below.  

The Stats

Only 6 states flat out ban the use of kratom. Sometimes a single city or county within a state will have its own legislation banning kratom. Those will be listed below. Lastly, I note which states are currently legal but have pending legislation to ban kratom.

Banned States:




Rhode Island



Banned Counties and Cities:

Franklin City, New Hampshire

Jerseyville City, Illinois

Parker Town and Monument Town, Colorado

San Diego, California

Sarasota County, Florida

States that are legal for now, but pending legislation might make them illegal soon




Mississippi – This state is pretty impossible to figure out. There are a plethora of different legalities spanning the Mississippi counties. If you live in this state I highly recommend doing your own personal research on the specific place you live to find out your standing for sure.

New Jersey

North Carolina

Tennessee – Finally, this state lists plain leaf tobacco ONLY for people over 21. There is legislation pending for the ability to legally sell packets up to 7oz.