By The Pound E-Liquid

Blueberry By The Pound

By The Pound, E-Liquid is made up of quality ingredients that create bold, enticing flavors. An assortment of decadent pound cake along with coco, strawberry, blueberry, or milk toppings. Available in 0, 3, and 6 mg and high nicotine 25 and 50mg. All By The Pound E-Liquid is made in the USA and is being processed through the FDA approval system.

0, 3, 6 MG

Coco –

The base flavor is a dense, buttery pound cake. Then a combination of three different chocolates combines to create a rich and complexly sweet chocolatiness. Coco By The Pound satisfies the sweet tooth without expanding your waistline or giving you diabetes. These bottles are available in a range of 0-6 OHM. The formula is a 70/30 VG/pg ratio.


Again, we’re looking at the same sweet pound cake base that makes up the foundation of the By The Pound line. Added into the mix at the end, Vapor Solutions Labs uses both fresh and freeze-dried strawberry flavors. The fresh strawberry flavor brings bright juiciness to By the Pound Strawberry while the freeze-dried strawberry flavor is reminiscent of homey strawberry cereal.


This time, we find our dense, rich flavor of pound cake smothered in blueberry dreaminess. Blueberry as a flavor is sweet but also quite subdued. There are not that many blueberry flavored candies on the market to easily reference when describing the flavor. It is one of a kind, showcasing sweet fluffy vanilla cake with soft and supple blueberry tones over top. It’s a flavor so nice anyone will revel at the chance to be in your cloud.


Cream flavored E-Liquids aren’t universally loved, but those who have a taste for it have something very special in store for them with Milk By The Pound. Simple yet decadent. This flavor showcases sweet, buttery pound cake, milk, and cream for a rich desserty vaping experience that satisfies.

High Nic 25 and 50mg

Coco By The Pound is also available in high nicotine or salt nicotine. These come in 30mL bottles and concentrations of 25 and 50mg. The VG/pg ratio for high nic bottles is 60%/40%.

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What do you think about dessert flavored E-Liquid like By The Pound? Is there ever too much of a good thing? Or could your taste buds handle bigger, wilder pound cake flavors? Let us know in the comments.