VSL’s PMTA Acceptance Letter

Vapor Solutions Labs received a PMTA acceptance letter

Vapor Solutions Labs was notified on June 4th of its acceptance by the FDA to proceed with scientific testing of its product. Now, the E-Liquid manufacturer successfully complied with the application process and is ready to move further in the effort to procure an FDA approval on all VSL brands, and an exciting 21,000 prospective recipes.

What is the Premarket Tobacco Product Application?

Recently, the FDA has decided to accept E-Liquids and other new tobacco products into their regulative territory. First, the objective is to hold E-Liquid to the same safety standard as expected for food. The PMTA application is the process of screening and clearing E-Liquid manufacturers and their products for FDA approval.

Second, falling short of FDA approval by the company or product line results in “Refuse-to-Accept” or “Refuse to File” determinations. The sale of failing products is illegal.

They’re done with round one!

Third, Vapor Solutions Labs prepares to bring new and exciting E-Liquids into the world and now into the regulatory confines of the FDA every day. Accordingly, our in-house team totes the confident foundations of both chemical development and food and drug safety.  Diverse backgrounds and diligence are integral parts of the laboratories and research departments working towards the successful acceptance of the PMTA application.

On June 4th, Vapor Solutions Labs received the PMTA acceptance letter from the Center of Tobacco Products at the FDA for all of their brands, including 21,000 unreleased recipes, respectively. The FDA’s acceptance of a PMTA is not an authorization to sell the product. Indeed, it means that the applications were sufficient to advance to FDA’s more substantive review process.

Lastly, the FDA will follow this initial phase with assessments that may include an inspection or audit of the processing facility. This ensures VSL’s adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices cited in the Code of Federal Regulations 21 sections 117 subpart B.


Above all, VSL is excited to announce the good news of their acceptance further into the PMTA process. We are invested in bringing greater, safer, and more fun E-Liquids to the table.

Are you a manufacturer/distributor managing your PMTA application process? How is it going? Let us know in the comments if you want to share or have any questions.

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