The Sqeez E-Liquid Line

The Sqeez E-Liquid line is a classic, refreshing summertime cooler. Featuring sweet berries, tart lemon, and a touch of menthol, Sqeez is available in 0,3,6 mg. Brand new Sqeez flavors are available in Vapor Solutions Labs High Nic Series and high nicotine 35 and 50mg.

0,3,6 MG


The original Sqeez flavor. Formerly called Berryade, this E-Liquid is available in both 60 and 100mL bottles. Available in a range of 0-6 mg nicotine and made with a 70%/40% VG/PG formula.

High Nic 35,50mg

Sqeez Berry

Also available in high nicotine, or salt nicotine. These come in 30mL bottles and concentrations of 25 and 50mg. The VG/PG ratio for high nic bottles is 60%/40%.

But wait, there’s more.


This high nicotine E-Liquid nails the taste of that classic tri-colored icicle treat that douses your tongue in three lip-smacking fruity flavors.

When you take your first inhale, you’ll get a blast of tart, lemonade that makes you drool like crazy. Then, the intoxicating taste of sour raspberries tickles every taste bud and makes your mouth pucker. When you exhale, sweet cherries complete this nostalgic experience.


The arctic can also be a tropical getaway. Following the trend of the rest of the other e-liquids in this collection. Sqeez TropiCool involves the combination of tropical fruits with icy menthol.

You can definitely taste the hint of Champagne and Peach before you get all the other fruits wanting to join the party. Right when the party feels as if it is losing its hype, the cooling menthol comes along to chill everyone out. The amazing balance of fruits and mint will not be the only thing coming to the fiesta.

Sqeez added a little candy flavor to please our sweet tooth, just in case the fruits and menthol were not doing it for you. The more the merrier! Do not be afraid to attend this party filled with so many different flavors because they will try to be as welcoming as they can.

Treat yourself to a taste that will bring the fun island feeling, with a cooling twist, to the palm of your hand. Once you have tried this flavor, you will not want to ever put it down because the high-quality ingredients will simply not allow you to do so.


Fresh mangos bring that natural sweetness and juiciness to the forefront, enlightening your senses with thoughts of warmer climate locations. As it splashes your tongue to soak each taste bud, tangy Tangerines and Pineapple bring even more succulent splendor. Once the vapor slowly escapes from your lips, you’ll be feeling extra refreshed beyond your wildest dreams.

This can be the perfect remedy when all you need is a bit of fruity vaping bliss in your life.

Tropical Fever

A delicious tropical mixture of fresh Dragonfruit, Guava, and Kiwi. Take a trip to the tropics with the fantastic fruit medley that is Tropical Fever.  A combination of exotic and sweet tropical fruits proves excellent partners in this summertime fruit blend that is sure to have you coming back for more.

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